Stovax Stockton 8
2 Door Wood Burner

The Stovax Stockton 8 wood burning and multi-fuel stove offers you greater choice and more optional features than any other model. There is also a space saving Stockton Slimline stove version which is 3” (75mm) shallower. Choose from a single or two door model, the latter of which is available with a handy cast iron tool that locates over the keystone catch and then rotates to open or close the doors.

RRP £1199
Cottage Stoves Price £999

Stovax Stockton 7
Wood Burner

With its cleverly designed Cleanburn and convection systems, the Stockton 7 Inset Convector is around four times more efficient than an open fire, giving you greater control of combustion, more heat for your money and lower fuel costs..

RRP £1079
Cottage Stoves Price £899

Yeoman CL5
Multi Fuel

With high efficiency and ‘modern traditional’ styling, the CL5 offers a fresh alternative for heating in today’s homes. The CL5 is approved for use in Smoke Control zones, so you can achieve carbon neutral heating with wood wherever your location!

RRP £1365
Cottage Stoves Price £1140

HETA Inspire 40

The inspire 40 4KW multifuel stove,is uk designed and built by Heta, one of Denmarks leading stove manufacturers. offering exceptional clean burn performance, 81% efficiency, direct fresh air and built-in rediprocating grate for multifuel use.

RRP £1049
Cottage Stoves Price £949

Di Lusso R5 Cube

Sitting in a fireplace, freestanding or on a bench. The R5 Cube Models fit effortlessly into any room
As with all Di Lusso fires the R5 Cube is a convector, it forms hot streams of air which flow into your home.

RRP £2099
Cottage Stoves Price £1749

Parkray Aspect 5

Highly controllable, the Aspect 5 can change from an output of 7kW to an output of 4kW in seconds. Even with a high output, this stove has an impressive CO emission of 0.17% so you can keep warm while being environmentally friendly!

RRP £1049
Cottage Stoves Price £899

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