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Traditional Stoves

Traditional Woodburning and Multi-Fuel Stoves

Here at Cottage Stoves we have a wide range of traditional wood burning and multi-fuel stoves on display in our showroom. We only deal with established British and European manufacturers, such as Stovax, Hunter, Yeoman, Parkray, Cleanburn, Dean Stoves and Pevex.


For prices on any of the stoves shown below or to enquire about a stove or stoves not shown, then please contact us for our best price. We would love to put all our prices on line but some suppliers would rather we didn’t advertise our prices on the internet. Call 01256 895001 or email


Below is a small selection of the stoves we offer. Please contact us for details of our full range.


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Parkray Consort 9 Slimline

Parkray Consort 9 Slimline

The Consort 9 Slimline has a surprising capacity. Pack it with 20” logs, and enjoy a little longer between refuelling. Time for bed? Reduce the airflow and the flames die to a gentle flicker, maintaining gentle heat ‘til morning. Despite its compact footprint this stove offers a powerful heat output. This multifuel model is suitable for logs or solid fuel, with a grate that can adjusted to burn either.

Parkray Consort 15

Parkray Consort 15

If you’re looking for a generous stove to manage the demands of a large house or family, the Consort 15 is simply perfect. With heat output of between 14 and 17kW, it’s warm enough for even the coldest-blooded relatives! This new model has been 20 years in the making, and it’s packed with features.


Stovax Stockton 3

The mini stove of the Stockton range is specifically designed to fit neatly into a standard British fireplace opening with the chairbrick removed. Multi-fuel capability and compact dimensions make this stove perfect for houseboats, summerhouses and garden workshops.


Yeoman Devon

The Devon is a highly popular, medium sized stove which can be tailored to look equally at home in the fireplace of a modern house or the inglenook of a country cottage. It also offers an impressive heat output of up to 9kW whether burning logs, anthracite or smokeless fuels.

Hunter Herald Compact 5

Here’s a scaled-down version of the classic Herald 5 – perfect for small and cosy rooms. Just like all our the Heralds, this one has plenty of traditional charm and all the usual options. You’ll enjoy a magnificent 5kW output thanks to the built-in Tripleburn technology, designed to get the best performance from your fuel.

Stovax Stockton 5

The Stockton 5 offers you a squarer landscape style compared to the portrait style of the Stockton 3 or Stockton 4, and is available as either a woodburning stove or as a multi-fuel model with external riddling. The additional width allows you to load up to 13″ (330mm) in length.


Parkray Consort 9

The Consort 9 does it all: heats your home, runs your hot water, and toasts your crumpets. Despite its smaller stature it issues an amazing 9kW of heat, which is perfect for warming up family rooms.


But that’s not all it does. The Consort 9 can burn wood, charcoal or sustainable fuels – change your mind at the twist of a cool-touch handle – and maintains its ‘Cleanburn’ system throughout.


Stovax Huntingdon 25

It may be the smallest stove in the Stovax Huntingdon range, but the Huntingdon 25 wood burning and multi-fuel stove provides virtually all the features of larger models and is specially designed to suit everything from a country cottage to a modern townhouse. It is ideal for burning logs yet is equally proficient with smokeless fuels or peat briquettes.


Stovax Stockton 8

The Stovax Stockton 8 wood burning and multi-fuel stove offers you greater choice and more optional features than any other model. There is also a space saving Stockton Slimline stove version which is 3” (75mm) shallower. Choose from a single or two door model, the latter of which is available with a handy cast iron tool that locates over the keystone catch and then rotates to open or close the doors.

Stovax Brunel 1A

Ideal for smaller rooms, the Stovax Brunel 1A is the smallest wood burning and multi-fuel stove in the Stovax cast iron range and is designed to fit into a standard 22” high British fireplace. Nonetheless, this wood burning stove still features Airwash to help keep the glass window clear, full multi-fuel capability and an externally operated riddling grate.


Parkray Consort 9

It’s warming toes all over the country – the Herald 8 is one of our biggest sellers. This beautifully traditional model is dependable, modest, and convenient. Despite a mid-sized footprint, this stove packs a generous 11kW maximum output – with minimum emissions and full CE certification. Each one is built in Britain to your specification: turn the page to view some options. There’s a reason why this is one of our longest-running models.


Hunter Herald 14

As British winters become increasingly unpredictable, we put a high value on economy. The Herald 14 burns fuel with minimum waste and maximum output. Don’t want to get up shivering in your pyjamas? This super-efficient stove can be left to glow overnight, providing welcome warmth at dawn. Perfect for family homes, this model makes a very sensible heating solution.

Hunter Hawk 4D

Looking for a room heater that’s economic to run without compromising on style, consider the Hawk 4. It’ll deliver a generous output of 3.5-5.5kw and it’s simple to install in the smallest of spaces. We’ve tested it extensively in our labs to make sure it can go the distance reaching 72.8% efficiency, keeping you and your family snug and cutting down on those heating bills.

Dean Stoves Dartmoor W5

The Dartmoor W5 model has been developed to provide a wide door 5kw stove. An ideal choice for smaller rooms with larger fireplaces.


The Dartmoor W5 features a powerful airwash sytem, a wider door than the Dartmoor 5 but with the same 5Kw output. It comes in both woodburning and multi-fuel models and it’s approved for use in smoke controlled areas with DEFRa kit fitted.

Dean Stoves Dartmoor

The smallest stove from Dean Stoves, yet big on features. A Powerful Airwash System, designed to create combustion over the glass for a clearer view of the fire helping to clean unwanted deposits from the glass after the fire has been on periods of slumber.


Woodburner and Multi-fuel models with riddling grate available. APPROVED for use in smoke controlled areas with DEFRA kit fitted.

Dean Stoves Foxworthy

This compact, robust fire incorporates a straightforward air wash system providing clean glass, with a ‘spinning’ primary air control, to give direct control over the burning rate.


Woodburner and Multi-fuel models with riddling grate available. APPROVED for use in smoke controlled areas with DEFRA kit fitted.