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Oak Fireplace Beams & Granite Hearths

Oak Fireplace Beams

Oak is a hardwood, known for being tough and durable. Many people opt for oak beams when building their own home, simply because it is renowned for lasting a long, long time. We offer 3 finishes; Classic Oak, Rustic (Aged) and Shaped, they can have corbells and the bottom of the beam can be arched. So, if you invest in an oak fireplace beam, you can be sure it will be with you for many years to come. To discuss having an oak fireplace beam fitted, call us on 01256 895001 or email us at


Granite & Slate Hearths

Granite Hearths

The strength & durability of granite makes it an ideal material to use as hearths for wood-burning & multi-fuel stoves. It can withstand extreme temperatures whilst still maintaining a polished finish. It will always maintain its colour no matter how long you have it. Granite hearths are incredibly easy to maintain and clean; just regularly wipe down with any spray cleaner or a damp cloth and it will look as good as new. These two factors highlight why granite is so popular as a material for hearths.

Slate Hearths

Slate is a metamorphic rock made of compressed shale that has over years has evolved to create a stone that is soft but still able to withstand heat extremely well. Slate is loved for its fireplace construction due to its heat resistance, as well as its beautiful deep, subtle finish. The aged patina that will develop can be a beautiful finish, although the slate is slightly less resistant to bumps and scratches.

Granite Finishes

Slate Finishes

To discuss having an a granite or slate hearth supplied and fitted, call us on 01256 895001 or email us at